Environmental Policy

We think that one's activity should not only base itself on economic criteria, but also respect for the environment, the correct use of natural resources and protect the environment are an integral part in the ZILMET manufacturing process.

We commit ourselves to:

  1. Respect all the national, regional, provincial and municipal laws regarding the environment


  1. Continuously evaluate the environmental efficiency of our systems to prevent and reduce pollution caused by our manufacturing process within the area where we are located.


  1. Constantly train and involve personnel in environmental matters


Evaluate ahead of time the environmental impact of all new activities and products. We adopt necessary methods to prevent, reduce or eliminate pollution using economically feasible green technology. Regarding waste management, we promote reduction, recycling, re-use and separate disposal methods.


We take necessary measures to prevent accidental emissions of any type of matter or energy in the atmosphere that can be potentially harmful.


Regarding the environment, the responsibility is assumed by management of all levels, personnel as well as suppliers.