Zilmet gasketed plate heat exchangers are manufactured with plates in AISI 316 L stainless steel or TITANIUM 0,5 mm thick . This kind of material and thickness allows to have a very good transmission coefficient and to assure a great corrosion resistance, even with aggressive fluids.

Zilmet plate heat exchangers are equipped with glued EPDM gaskets, with maximum working temperature 140°C.

Upon request and for particular applications, such as gasoline and oils, plates can be equipped with nitril (NBR) glued gasket, which maximum working temperature is 110°C.

The frame are manufactured with silver painted carbon steel. The thickness is designed for the respective working pressure. For TITANIUM version, the frame are manufactured with blue painted carbon steel with titanium special connections.

All Zilmet plate heat exchangers are tested before shipment at 1,5 times the maximum working pressure.

The Zilmet plate heat exchanger has many applications. These include :

•             production of sanitary hot water,

•             de-coupling of thermic circuits,

•             district heating systems,

•             recovery of heat coming from industrial process,

•             cooling or heating of alimentary fluids (milk, beer, wine, ...),

•             cooling of industrial machineries,

•             heating of water for swimming-pools, solar systems.


In every situation which requires a thermal exchange between two fluids, Zilmet plate heat exchanger is the right choice. The high efficiency, the long life, the low price, the small dimensions, the high modularity, the easy maintenance and the high reliability are some of the most important advantages of Zilmet plate heat exchangers.