ZILMET SP2 is our software for the calculation and selection of Zilmet heat exchangers.

Available in several languages, our software allows the user to select heat exchangers with the following characteristics:

  • Liquid-Liquid
  • Steam
  • Condensation
  • Evaporation

After entering all required data (Power, Inlet/Outlet Temperature, Maximum Pressure Drop etc.), the software allows the user both to check and calculate which is the best product suitable for his needs.

Thanks to ZILMET SP2 the user has also the possibility to print the technical data sheet of the selected heat exchanger.


As regards the selection of heat exchangers - section Refrigeration, the software recognizes the most common refrigerant gases commercially available.


How to download the program?

The download of the program is possible in the restricted area of our website. In order to receive Username and Password for the login, please send your request to info@zilmet.it adding your company name, the name of the manager and the email address where to send all data.

Attention please: after installing the software in the PC, it is necessary to replace the old database with the latest version that you find in the file "Database".